AUGUST 23, 2011
I was emailed in 2007 by Philip Taglione who discovered my website while casually searching for Bloodwych information on the web. I neglected to update my website at the time because I archived my emails and files when I built a new computer and forgot about it. He wanted to correct some misinformation. He wrote:

Bloodwych was designed by Anthony Taglione and Peter James. The 68000 versions (ST & Amiga) were written by Anthony Taglione. The Z80 Versions (ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Amstrad CPC Plus) were written by Philip Taglione. The CBM64 version was written by Anthony Taglione and Philip Taglione. The artist for all versions was Peter James. ImageWorks commissioned the PC version.

He went on to say that he was unaware of Sony having anything to do with Mirrorsoft, that Mirrorsoft was closed down when Robert Maxwell disappeared, that Bloodwych was not destroyed for a tax deduction, and that the rights are still retained by the Tagliones and Peter James. I asked if they would consider releasing the source code and assets into the public domain and he said that they can't because they might decide to release another product in the future. This should not be construed to mean that there is something in the works. I emailed more questions but didn't receive a response so I figured that he didn't want to be bothered. I was asked not to give out his email address and I intend to respect his privacy.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2006
When I initially completed this site back in 2002, I started working on Captive. I mapped the first 7 worlds of the first mission. At the time, I started a new job and never had time to finish the game. I decided to go ahead and post what I had completed. The site can be seen here.

AUGUST 25, 2006
I occasionally receive emails from people asking for advice on the best way to play Bloodwych. I played the Atari ST version using Steem. It's the best Atari ST emulator available. It allows you to save memory snapshots of games in progress, as well as some other nifty features. I'm frequently asked where the game can be downloaded from. I don't want to provide links to the files, but they can be found through Google searches. Look for the files A_122.ST and A_224.ST.

"Andrew" wrote to inform me that Mirror Soft was bought by Sony, and that he believes that Bloodwych (and other intellectual property) was destroyed as a tax write-off.

"Teron" wrote to inform me that Archers are, in fact, useful. They can do backstabbing damage by attacking foes with a dagger while their backs are turned away from your party. He also went on to point out that Mr. Flay doesn't have to eat.

I have a couple other emails that I'll mention eventually.

It's probably a safe bet that MapX is gone for good. I'll have to look for it on some old backup CDs, and maybe I'll post it for download. In the meantime, I ran across another map maker called AutoRealm which might be useful to some. I haven't personally used it.

JANUARY 10, 2006
MapX (previously called Izandawo) is now known as DEWMap. It doesn't look as though it's been updated in a long time.

OCTOBER 4, 2003
The author of Izandawo (the program I used to make my Bloodwych maps) has updated and renamed his map-making program to MapX.

MARCH 18, 2003
Using the excellent utility PNGCRUSH I've optimized all the maps which considerably reduced their size.

OCTOBER 7, 2002
I made an interesting discovery today. I neglected to save any of the maps with optimized palettes. This means the maps are considerably larger than they should be, in some cases by as much as 50K. I was unaware of this. I'll get around to fixing the maps eventually but I don't know how soon. I'm presently working on another project.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2002
Extended Levels is all mapped and available for download!
I cleaned up the maps from the original Bloodwych. No layout changes were made to any maps. I merely reduced the amount of clutter from lines and circles.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2002
Extended Levels inventory page updated.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2002
Extended Levels Chaos Tower is done! All 8 maps available for download.
Misc information updated on various pages.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2002
Extended Levels Serpent Tower 2, 3, 4, and 5 maps added.
Extended Levels Serpent Tower is done.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2002
Extended Levels Main Tower 1, 2, and 3 maps added.
Misc information updated on various pages.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2002
Extended Levels Main Tower 4 map added.
Additional error corrected on Extended Levels Main Tower 5 map.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2002
Extended Levels Main Tower 6 & 7maps added.
Error corrected on Extended Levels Main Tower 5 map.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2002
Extended Levels Main Tower 5 map available.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2002
Extended Levels section and content added.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2002
Errors have been corrected on the following maps: Main 4, Serpent 1, Dragon 4, Chaos 3 & 4.